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Balanced Volume Control Board with Ground Sensing Output

Balanced Volume Control Board with Ground Sensing Output

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High performance active volume control with balanced differential input and ground-sensing output (goodbye cross-channel ground loops!).

It can serve as:

  • Part of an integrated amplifier (great with LM3886 or similar chipamp based power stages);
  • With an input selector, a high performance balanced line stage or a minimalist analog preamp;
  • An output stage for a DAC to form a "digital preamp".

This board uses a dual linear potentiometer for adjusting volume. Also available digitally controlled variants based on WM8816/MAS6116, PGA2310, or MUSES72320.

Features and benefits:

  • Balanced differential input with excellent common mode rejection - works very well with single ended sources, too!
  • Output stage that can be configured as balanced - best for downstream stages with differential input - or ground sensing (a.k.a. ground cancelling) - best if followed by a single-ended input referenced to its local ground, such as the vast majority of audio power amps;
  • Compact (2.9x2.6in or 74x66mm) two layer PCB, all easy to solder though hole parts.


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